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My work


Tackling the impact of automation on office workers.


As automation continues to change work as we know it, we need to change the way we think about work and workers. I led a research and design initiative to explore the impacts of automation on the American worker. Our work informed a series of deeper research programs, global skilling programs, future of work initiatives and local experimental pilots.

Defining a new way to adopt digital payments for small and medium businesses.


Opening a businesses bank account or credit account is equal parts draining and frustrating with loads of paperwork, processes and opaque financial jargon. I partnered with SMB owners, sales staff, software engineers and service staff to map out a new customer experience for opening a virtual credit card.

A service blueprint that maps out digital and human interactions across the customer journey as well as back stage systems, data requirements and KPIs.

Helping the backbone of the US mortgage market reshape the relationship with their customers.


Nearly a decade since the financial crisis, this institution was transforming to better meet the needs of their customers and their partners. I worked with a cross-functional team to conduct research with over 60 lenders, home buyers and mortgage professionals including an customer experience audit across industries. Together, we defined the vision for a new customer engagement strategy and a new CRM system that shifted the focus from loan-driven relationships powered by paper to people-focused relationships powered by technology.


Making the connected home more human.


In 2016, the hype cycle around the connected home started gaining real traction, but to everyday people— homeowners or renters—it felt like “the internet of broken things.” A dizzying array of devices, apps, platforms made the connected home feel like a far away pipe dream that wasn’t worth the hassle. I worked with an interdisciplinary innovation team for a large telecommunications firm to shape the strategy for a new experience to manage their suite of connected devices.

Helping a leader in consumer electronics move beyond apps.


Apps were hitting a saturation point, as most global smartphone users (across platforms) were largely spending their time using 5-6 apps. A consumer electronics giant, known for their innovative hardware, was trying to make headway in software and services by imagining the future app store. I collaborated with them to conduct customer and trends research, ultimately pivoting the strategy from an app store toward new forms of mobile discovery through bundled services, chat interactions and virtual assistants.

Defining a new employee experience for digital talent.


In 2015, the largest digital agency in the world was looking to redefine their talent strategy. They were facing a complex challenge with increased competition for digital talent across a variety of industries and changing expectations from an millennial workforce. We conducted deep research with current employees, former employees, prospective employees, hiring managers and recruiters across the workforce. Our team collaborated with a set of global hiring managers to shape a new employee experience vision and on-boarding strategy that emphasized impact, culture and transparency.

Simplifying business intelligence in retail


This national retailer was looking to improve their customer intelligence and build better relationships with their vendor partners (including everything from food manufacturers to beauty products.) I collaborated with a team of designers, business analysts, systems architects and data scientists to understand user needs, define a product vision and roadmap, and redesign their business intelligence product for ease of use, better performance and stronger data storytelling and team collaboration features.

Training a global workforce in design thinking.


Traditional management and technology consulting is evolving from  cost cutting and staff augmentation toward creativity and innovation to generate value. I worked with a cross-disciplinary team of subject matter experts and learning+development professionals to design a learning program for the coaches taking on the task of training a 60,000 person consulting workforce. Topics included: design thinking, agile ways of working, creative storytelling, data analytics and valuation.

Improving the product design process for a banking leader.


I came on board to the mobile banking product team for one of the largest banks in the world with one mission: improve the product design process. I changed the way we defined product requirements, reorganized the structure of the team, and introduced new tools to improve our delivery speed resulting in a 5% boost in operating margin on the design team.

Designing the digital experience for the beauty portfolio of a global consumer goods firm.


I headed a multi-disciplinary team for a global consumer packages company, shaping the digital strategy and mobile experience for 5 major beauty brands, defining a digital KPI and analytics framework, setting up their e-commerce and content management capabilities, and connecting their brand experience to a multitude of digital marketing campaigns.

Additional Experience

  • Directed more than $5MM of business and a team of five direct reports to create and deliver digital products, content strategies and marketing campaigns for the United States Tennis Association, the New York Lottery, Statefarm and Cotton Inc. while at DDB from February 2010 to January 2014.

  • Helped coordinate Superstorm Sandy cleanup efforts with local community organizers in November 2012.

  • Oversaw $3MM of large scale digital innovation and marketing programs, launching a B2B marketplace, online communities, branded content, and e-commerce platforms for IBM, Converse and American Express. while at Digitas from April 2007 to February 2010

  • Managed the administration of community-based education programs across the United States while at Hadassah from Sept. 2004 to Dec. 2006.

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